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Tile Installation Kirkland

Versatile Tile Flooring Options in Kirkland for Every Home

You’ll often see home renovation and installation companies advertise about tile flooring. It’s a great option, there’s certainly no doubt about that. However, for some reason tile has been typecast as a flooring material. It’s a very versatile item that deserves more love, and in this post, we want to talk about the various uses of tile. Let’s get started!

Bathroom - Tile


Tile is a great option for any room countertop…think kitchen and bathroom. It’s hygienic, waterproof, easy to clean, smooth, and will look great! Tile installation companies will be able to advise you on what’s the best tile for your countertop, since it’s often a food-preparation surface or someplace like the bathroom. We have some excellent options available right now at our showroom in Woodinville – stop by for a look! 


In the kitchen, tile can also be used on the backsplash. This way your walls will be protected and easy to clean, and you won’t have to dish out big bucks for granite and other expensive options. If you’re using tile elsewhere in the kitchen, it’ll provide a nice, uniform look.

This popular Subway tile look is in high demand thanks to the popularity of minimalistic, clean looks! This backslash in the kitchen is easy to clean and maintain and will remain a classic look. 


Bathroom tile is a little different from the sort you see on floors. It’s a non-slip variety so there’s no risk of slipping on wet tiles. Most people associate tile with a high-gloss finish and slight slipperiness, which wouldn’t be very fun in a shower. When shopping for tiles tell the tile contractor where the product will be used, so they can guide you and make sure you get the right variety.


Tile just off the front door is the best way to protect your hardwood flooring or carpet.  Entry stone or tile is durable and easily cleanable. Since it is the first thing noticed by guest this is an area where it is best not to scrimp on the material to ensure making a great first impression with your entry tile.


Again, not a very popular application, but a good one nonetheless. If you need waterproof walls or a material that can’t be damaged as easily as paint, tile is probably your best bet. If you’re looking for a tile installation company, give us a call – we offer a pretty neat discount (if we do say so ourselves).

Commercial/High Traffic Areas

In a public area, you want something that can take a good beating. People running, things falling, luggage, heaven knows what else. If you need flooring options for a business, durability is twice as important because you don’t want someone tripping and suing you for damages. Tile is the answer to your problems. At a tile store, you can find the perfect product for your needs. Tile’s a very durable material, and it’ll last years without breaking, cracking or wearing down. 


But of course. Tile’s perfect as a flooring material. At a tile store, you can choose from hundreds of different varieties of tile, and it’ll serve you well. Flooring for bedrooms, living rooms, public spaces, kitchen tile, bathroom tile…you name it. The last is especially recommended for commercial projects where you’ll have a lot of people using the bathrooms and want to minimize your liability.

Whether you want something intricate like a mosaic tile floor or something simply but with a little flare like this hexagon flooring, tile can deliver versatile looks for any room!

Builders Interiors is one of the most trusted tile companies in the Kirkland area. The store, established in 2007, is located in Woodinville, but they serve neighboring areas including Kirkland, Seattle, Redmond, Bothell, and Snohomish. They sell tiles as well as provide tile installation services, which makes them stand out from the crowd.

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