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Hardwood floor is timeless, reliable, and beautiful. That’s why hardwood is so popular. We have an extensive inventory of hardwood flooring options, and a team of flooring experts to help you answer your interior design questions. Questions like:

  • Which type of wood should you buy?
  • Which color or finish should I go with?
  • Which wood width do I choose?
  • What if the floor is a high traffic area?
  • How do I protect my hardwood floor from my pets?
  • Should I DIY install my hardwood floor or hire an installer?
  • Solid or engineered wood flooring?

What Does Wood Flooring Cost?

Builders Interiors has the best prices around because we rely on high volume. That means our margins are low so that you can get hardwood flooring for as low as $3.50 per ft2.

Benefits Of Hardwood Flooring

Wood flooring is durable, low maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing. Carpet captures dirt and particles and can actually be harmful if not cleaned regularly. Hardwood floors do not have this concern because it attracts less dust, and doesn’t attract allergens or molds.

Types Of Wood Floor

With so many types of wood, which do you choose for your floor?

1.) Solid Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring is exactly what it sounds like – a floor made of all wood planks. Solid wood floors are able to be sanded and refinished many times, unlike engineered wood. However, solid wood is susceptible to moisture so it should not be installed in humid areas or below-grade basements. Solid wood has more choices of wood species than engineered wood.

Solid Wood Thicknesses

Solid wood planks are usually cut to either 5/16” or 3/4”. The standard solid wood floor thickness is 3/4”.

Solid Wood Finishes

Unfinished solid wood is good for kitchens. Adding the finish after the floor is installed will fill the board seams which prevents water from getting in between.

Finished (pre-finished) solid wood makes the install process much simpler. There’s no sanding, no dust, gets the job done faster, and will have better warranties. You just don’t ensure that the board seams are filled.

2.) Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood is also called composite wood. Composite wood is a thin piece of wood on top layers of wood particles of various types of wood, plastic, and straw. Engineered wood is less expensive than solid wood, and does better against the elements. The surface is thin so it can only be sanded up to two times if done lightly, and doesn’t last as long. Some people avoid composite wood because of the chemicals used in the adhesive.

Engineered Wood Thickness

Composite wood planks are typically cut into ⅜” and ½” thick cuts. Both are commonly used.

Engineered Wood Finishes

Engineered woods come pre-finished nearly always.

What To Consider When Buying Hardwood Floor

  1. Species – for hardness & durability get domestic, for distinct appearance buy exotic
  2. Width – wide planks to hide seams & look rustic, thin planks to enlarge the space, parquet squares show off design & patterns
  3. Texture – smooth for a luxury look, distressed for a vintage look
  4. Hardness – the hardest woods are cherry, maple, and oak
  5. Color – exotic wood needs exposure to light to get the rich color, domestics have more color options

Hardwood Floor Trends

  • Boards are getting wider – 6” use to be wide, but now 7” & 8” are available
  • Grey tones – you could only get grey if you stained or glazed, but now you can buy fumed wood that looks aged and highlights the wood grain

For a step by step guide about how to choose hardwood, check out our hardwood buying guide.

Don’t hesitate to reach out for a free quote or in home measurement as we are more than happy to give personal guidance on any part of your project helping you to love where you live!

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To simplify the wood floor buying process and make your home renovation project as fast and seamless as possible, we offer installation as well.

We install hardwood floors in Kirkland, Redmond, Seattle, Snohomish, and nearby areas.

Whether you need a hardwood floor for your apartment, condo, or house, we offer residential and commercial hardwood installation.

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Wood flooring is the “real deal” and can add significant value to any home on the market or not. These products are just a fraction of all our selections—to really get a feel for what they would look like as part of your project we encourage you to stop by our Woodinville showroom to see, touch and feel the options in person. Our experienced sales staff can check out samples and answer any questions you have to ensure you’re getting the right product at the lowest price for any application!

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