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What Is The Best Flooring For A Kitchen?

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If you’re building (or redesigning) your kitchen, make sure you get the best flooring material. The floors are a part of your home that you use 24×7, so it’s very important that they’re right for you. Below, we’ve discussed which material is best in what way.

Cheapest Kitchen Flooring

A dirt floor would be by far the cheapest option. It comes with the added benefit that you can grow herbs straight on the kitchen floor! We’re just kidding, of course.

Laminate is a good option if budget is your primary concern. You can also install some varieties yourself, which’ll help you avoid installation charges. Just make sure you get laminate that’s suitable for kitchens, because it’s generally not very moisture-resistant.

Luxury Kitchen Flooring

Hardwood floors feel very luxurious, and work great in kitchens. The sound of shoes on hardwood is oddly relaxing, and the planks look excellent. You can have them refinished at any time, and get a completely new look in your kitchen! For enhanced moisture-resistance, get engineered hardwood.

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Best Looking Kitchen Flooring

If appearance is important to you, then you’re in luck, because most flooring materials come in really gorgeous options. You could get floors that are glossy, patterned, or which have a wood or stone look. Whether it’s laminate, vinyl plank, tile, hardwood, cork or stone, they all look equally gorgeous.

Best Kitchen Flooring For High Traffic Areas

Tile and hardwood are great options for high-traffic areas. So if you often host parties or live with an extended family, go with either of those. You can get tile with a high PEI rating (3-4 would be ideal), and it’ll last for years without wear.

Best Kitchen Flooring For Longevity

Stone floors have an extremely long life. They’re likely to last a lifetime (up to 100 years). So if you’re building a forever home for your family and want the kitchen floors to last a good long time, go with stone. It’s expensive, but well worth the investment.

Best Low Maintenance Kitchen Flooring

Tile is one of the most low-maintenance options available, because it doesn’t need sealing or refinishing, and it’ll last years without needing any repair or replacement.

Most Eco-friendly Kitchen Flooring

Hardwood is sustainable if locally sourced, and cork is another great option for kitchens. Cork is eco-friendly and fully organic. Cork costs around $4-6 per square foot. The only major cons of cork floors are that they require regular sealing, and they can get scratched easily.

Best Kitchen Flooring For Comfort

If you want floors that aren’t too hard or slippery to reduce chances of you hurting yourself, go with vinyl plank or cork. Both are flexible kitchen flooring materials that are easy to stand on for long periods of time. People with chronic pain find them better than materials such as tile kitchen flooring.

Most Resilient Kitchen Flooring

Tile is dirt-resistant, moisture-resistant, stain-resistant, and scratch-resistant. It’s a very fuss-free, low-maintenance material. It also doesn’t discolor due to sun exposure. This makes tile one of the best materials for kitchen flooring for dog owners.

Easy To Clean Kitchen Flooring

Vinyl plank and tile are both low-maintenance, easy-to-clean options. If your heart is set on tile, you can get rectified tile, which doesn’t have visible grout. This makes cleaning much easier, and improves the floor’s appearance.

Best Flooring For Outdoor Kitchens

Stone is usually the best option for outdoor kitchens. It’s very durable, it looks nice and outdoorsy, and it’s easy to maintain. It also weathers the elements remarkably well!

Best Kitchen Flooring For Stone Look

You can get laminate, vinyl and tile that mimic the look of stone. While tile is closest in terms of appearance and feel, because of its hardness and size – especially if you get rectified tile, vinyl is flexible, and therefore more comfortable. It is also safer. This is the best kitchen flooring for bad backs. Of the three options, laminate is cheapest. Find your local flooring stores & carpet dealers in the USA

Most Durable Kitchen Flooring Materials

Tile and hardwood are extremely durable kitchen flooring materials. They can withstand a lot of strain without any signs of damage. Stone is a good alternative for durable kitchen flooring as well.

Best Kitchen Flooring For Uneven Floors

Laminate sheets and tile are ok material options for uneven flooring. They are flexible so they can be installed on uneven kitchen floors, but they tend to reveal imperfections. The best material for uneven kitchen floors is a pour-on option like an epoxy if the goal is hide imperfections and make the floor even.

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