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Carpet Buying Guide

Carpet and prices comes in many styles and the style you choose depends on the feel you want to create for the room.

Textures: This inviting look of cut pile textured carpet adds warmth and interest to any décor or room.

Plushes:  The look and feel of absolute luxury. Fit your formal setting with the irresistible and lavish velvet-like finish of plush carpeting.

Friezes: Tightly twisted for a spectacular look of quality and casual styling. Frieze carpeting adds uniqueness to your décor while still carrying a subtle and friendly feel.

Berbers: Attractive in cozy earth tones and textures. Berber carpeting is hardwearing and durable for more demanding high traffic areas.

Loops: Dense, multi-leveled styles create extra interest underfoot. Loop carpeting is available in the most sought-after multi-colored looks.

Wool: Carrying product unrivaled as the world’s finest natural wool carpet fiber, our ultra-luxurious, long-lasting, and naturally stain-resistant wool carpeting will provide you with comfort and aesthetics.

Indoor / Outdoor: Carpet capable of functioning both outdoors and indoors. Ideal for porches, sunrooms, spas and more.

Choosing a Yarn

Carpet yarn is made from a variety of materials.  Nylon holds the memory of the twist the best and therefore has a reputation of quality.  However, polyester is more stain resistant than nylon.  There are other types of yarn like wool and polypropylene.

Determining Your Budget

The characteristics that affect price of carpet are:

  • Face weight. (how close the yarns are together and how long the yarns are) you can check this by seeing how easily you can get your fingers to the backing and looking to see how long the yarns are.
  • Twist. Look at one yarn individually and count how many twists it has in it. An inexpensive carpet could have as little as three, while a more costly carpet will have six to eight. Yarns with more twists have better texture retention.
  • Yarn type.  Nylon is normally more expensive than polyester, but it is more durable.  Branded yarn (Stainmaster, Scotchgard) is more expensive than non-branded yarn.
  • Warranty. Typically, more expensive and quality carpets will have a longer warranty.

Things To Think About When Having New Carpet Installed

Being able to answer these questions will allow us to provide you with the best possible installation service and experience:

  • What style of carpet?
  • How much wear do you expect?
  • What kind of Pad would you like to be placed underneath the carpet? Rebond, Foam, Rubber, Felt, etc.
  • Do we need to remove the old carpet?
  • Is there any pet issues? Do you want the subfloor sealed?
  • Do you have any squeaks in the subfloor?
  • Is any of the carpet being installed over concrete?
  • Are you getting new baseboard installed?
  • Are there any stairs? Pie stairs? Capped or Wrapped? What kind of profile would you prefer?
  • Is there any upholstery work to be done?
  • Is there a place to cut the carpet?
  • Is there any furniture to be moved?
  • Please check to verify that your home is within our install boundary or a trip charge may be cited!
  • Because of high-traffic and tight scheduling, please provide us with at least a one week notice before your desired schedule for installation.