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Fabrica manufactures carpets and rugs for the most demanding segments of the high-end style residential market.

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Mohawk is the world’s largest flooring manufacturer, with over 350 styles and thousands of colors to choose from.

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Shaw is a top-rated carpet manufacturer, offering hundreds of unique carpet styles and colors.


A collection of solution-dyed PET carpet that are designed to last, resist stains, and come with the best warranties.

Carpet Flooring Store In Woodinville

A newly carpeted home is a home of comfort. People remember the beauty of new flooring, but nothing beats the sensation of new and well maintained carpet. Some of your best memories were probably rolling around on carpet, doing somersaults, watching TV, and even being told to take off your shoes before walking on the carpet.

Wood and laminate flooring are beautiful and durable like carpet, but neither beats the tactile comfort of carpet flooring.

What Does Carpet Flooring Cost?

We have a comprehensive inventory of carpet starting at 88 cents per ft2.

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