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Tile Buying Guide

Choosing the Type of Tile to Fit Your Project

How do I determine what tile is right for me?

Modern: The use of glass, cracked glass

Tradition: Subway, Tumbled Marble

Old World: Metal, Stone, Marble


If you already have the tile-we can install it professionally in a timely manner and we guarantee the work.

“Workmanship Guarantee”

If you need tile, marble, granite, slate, you can drop into our showroom and find your materials.

“Lowest price guarantee”

The inside of a building

Factors We Consider:

  • What is on the counter or area now?
  • What is on the backsplash or wall now?
  • Where are the outlets placed? How high are they? Can they be moved? How many are there?
  • Any Bullnose needed?
  • Windows? Interested in bordering or surrounding windows?
  • Grout? Sanded or Non-Sanded? Epoxy grout?
  • Colored Caulking?
  • Seal Natural Stone & Grout?
  • Possibly Enhance Stone?


    Tile samples arranged from cool to warm
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