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Carpet Installation Redmond

Carpet is, without a doubt, one of the most affordable flooring options currently available. While all materials have their pros and cons, carpet stands out by being one with a lot to offer, and very few downsides. The biggest benefit, of course, is its pricing.

Affordable Carpet Flooring and Expert Installation Services in Redmond

We’re a discount carpet store based in Woodinville (15 minutes away). We like to keep our customers happy, and we’ve found that all that’s needed is reasonable prices and good service. So we’ve mastered both! The low cost of carpet flooring at our store comes as a surprise to many of our customers. 

We keep our margins slim, and make up for it in volume. We also have a team of friendly, well-trained staff that provide great service. Our installation crew is certified, fast, and reliable.

If you need carpet installation in Redmond, just give us a call and we’ll be right there.

Hardwood Flooring Installation

Here Are A Couple Reasons Why Carpet’s Affordability Is Great News

Better Quality

Since carpet would cost less compared to other flooring materials, instead of getting tile or hardwood that’s average quality-wise, you can buy some really good carpet that’ll look fantastic and last a long time. Contrary to popular belief, carpet can last for decades (maybe even a lifetime) if it’s of good quality, and is cared for properly.

We have some top-notch options available at our carpet store near Redmond. Stop by sometime; we’d love to show you around and talk about flooring materials.

Better Texture (more luxurious)

With most flooring materials, when you say “better” you usually mean better quality or appearance. Carpet adds a new dimension – that of texture. There’s plain, utilitarian carpet, and then there’s rich, fur-like carpet that you want to dig your toes into.

Since you can afford some of the more expensive varieties, you can indulge. Quality, durability and appearance feel so clinical…so one-dimensional. Why not treat yourself to some carpet that’ll make you feel good?

Spend On Interior Decor

If you find a fairly cheap carpet you like, you can use the leftover funds on interior décor. Why not try some fancy mosaic in the living room, a glass tile backsplash, or a cool travertine countertop?

Expensive floors may push you over-budget, and the floors are just one element in a room. Why not save on something that’ll soon become part of the background, and instead splurge on a nice highlight piece? We have some excellent wall, ceiling and countertop options that you should check out.

Perfect For Large Projects

Carpet is great for large-scale commercial projects. This is because the low cost means you can get things done quicker, without compromising on quality. A small difference in rate can really add up, so if you go with carpet instead of tile or vinyl, you can cut costs by a huge amount while getting the same (or potentially better) quality. We offer a wholesale discount in our store, which further sweetens the deal.

About The Company

Builders Interiors was established in 2007, and has grown rapidly since then. The company’s aim is to provide quality products and excellent service, and to be a place customers want to return to. We don’t just want to be a carpet store – we want to be the carpet store you choose over others.

We enjoy interacting with new customers, understanding their needs, and helping them find the right product. We like the challenge of it all. This is why we’re not exclusively wholesalers – we sell to homeowners, apartment managers, contractors, building owners, and commercial clients. Big and small orders are all great!

We have an enormous inventory with thousands of products in stock – all of which come with a quality guarantee, at a discounted price. Come have a look. Our designers will help you make sure your dream home has the perfect floors!

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