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Carpet Installation Woodinville

When choosing a flooring material, you need to consider a lot of things – cost, durability, use, aesthetics, stain-resistance, comfort… As we’ve discussed here, carpet is pretty nice all-round. Carpet is cost-effective, long-lasting, attractive, versatile, and comfortable. There are very few downsides to it, quite frankly. However, there are still things you need to consider before you buy carpet for your home. Let’s go over some of those.

Explore Personalized Carpet Solutions in Woodinville

There are many other considerations. For instance, do you need any upholstery work done? What kind of stairs do you have? Our team is experienced at carpet installation, and will be happy to go over these questions with you. Understanding a customer’s needs is a challenging process, which is why some stores try to skip it and instead push you to place an order. We love talking to people and helping educate them, so you can rest assured we’ll furnish you with all the information you’ll need to make the right decision.

Builders Interiors is a carpet store in Woodinville. We’re a trusted business that’s been around for over a decade, and we offer great prices because of our unique business strategy. We love what we do, and revel in making our customers happy. Our quality guarantee helps too!

We have a large warehouse with thousands of products in stock, and while we sell at wholesale rates we don’t impose a minimum on orders, so homeowners, building owners, apartment managers, contractors, and commercial clients are all welcome. We also do carpet installation in Woodinville, for which we have a certified and trained crew. For photos and videos of the crew in action, follow us on social media.


How To Choose The Right Carpet

Do You Need a Special Type of Carpet?

Pet-friendly, mold-resistant, stain-resistant, fade-proof, dust-absorbing…there are so many different varieties available on the market. Make sure you talk to a professional, to understand what product fulfils your needs best. At our carpet store we have a wide selection of products, and experienced staff who’ll help you make the right choice.

How Much Wear Do You Expect?

Carpet on stairs and in living rooms gets a lot more wear. List the different areas of your home, and go over them to see how much wear each will get. If you want soft cotton carpet that’s possible in the bedroom, but in other areas it’ll quickly get matted and worn down, for instance.

What is Your Budget?

One of the best ways of narrowing down your options to a manageable selection is by setting a budget. Given, the cost of carpet flooring is very reasonable, but you still need a figure. So decide how much you can spend on the total project, and come over to our carpet store. We’ll take you through your choices.

What Type of Carpet Do You Want?

We have many different textures, materials, patterns and colors in stock. You’ll probably find it hard to decide once you’re here (too many options), so it’s a good idea to lock down a couple things the carpet must or must not have. Consider the look you’re after, and the furniture you’ll have in the room.

Do You Already Have Carpet?

If you have old carpet, it will need to be removed and the floor cleaned before new carpet is installed. Our Woodinville carpet installation crew is very fast, but if they need to remove the old flooring it’ll take extra time, and cost a little more. Bear this in mind, and include it in your budget.

What Kind of Padding Do You Want Under the Carpet?

You’ll need some padding under the carpet, so it doesn’t wear easily and feels comfortable. The most popular materials include rebond, foam, rubber, wool and felt. Which of these would you like? We’d be happy to take you through their pros and cons.

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