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Hardwood Flooring Installation Bothell

When it comes to variety, hardwood has practically no limits. From different types of wood (species, texture, composition) to colors and finishes, you’ll be spoiled for choice. If you’re decorating your home and have a particular look in mind, it can be difficult to achieve it with materials like stone or laminate, where your options are limited. Hardwood flooring, in contrast, has so many choices you’ll find it hard to decide!

Hardwood Flooring Installation in Bothell

Now you’ll need a company that does hardwood flooring installation in Bothell. Take our word for it – never try to DIY on a large project like this unless you have professional experience. If anything goes wrong, you’ll blame yourself forever. The cost savings simply aren’t worth it.

Speaking of savings, the cost of installing hardwood is a lot lower than people usually expect. At Builders Interiors we offer a discount on our products, which makes the deal a lot sweeter. However, that’s not all – we also offer a quality guarantee. We’re a short drive away from Bothell, so stop by sometime for a look. We’ve been around for over a decade, and we sell to homeowners, apartment managers, contractors, building owners, and commercial clients. 

Hardwood Colors & Finishes

Let’s take a look at some of the colors and finishes available today.

Hardwood colors

From the striking Purple Heart to bright red African Padauk, hardwood is available in many colors – some of which you wouldn’t imagine possible! Dark, honey, grey, bleached, varied… American hardwoods offer plenty of variety, with warm and cool shades, and dark and light options. For a more unique appearance you can go with exotic options, although in that case the hardwood flooring cost will be a little higher.

Textured wood

Bored of your floors and want to give them a complete makeover? Hire someone for hardwood flooring installation in Bothell, and ask them to refinish your floors with a textured look. Popular options include distressed, hand-scraped, wire brushed and reclaimed wood floors. Textured hardwood is gaining popularity.

One major advantage of textured floors is that they are super low-maintenance, and scratches will not show up. Since the floor isn’t glossy (or even), scratches will mix right in. If you have pets or want a nice, rustic feel, this is the best option for you. Reclaimed wood floors are ideal for people who want an aged look. They’re also eco-friendly, since you aren’t purchasing new wood.


If you want glossy hardwood flooring that reflects light, this is for you. High-gloss finishes don’t usually look very natural, with the gloss stealing the wood’s thunder. The floors will feel and sound like hardwood, but they’ll look like glass (or porcelain tile). It has a few cons. For one, scratches and marks show up a lot worse, and the floor will need more maintenance. Plus, people who are headache-prone may find the light-reflecting floors bothersome.


A semi-gloss or satin finish has a 40% luster rating, which is nearly half that of high gloss – meaning, in other words, that the floor will be half as shiny (or bright). If you want the floors to have that ‘just installed’ look, go for semi-gloss. If you want a warm glow that isn’t glossy and doesn’t reflect much light, go for a satin finish. The two are subtly different.


Matte is in vogue when it comes to cosmetics, but what about matte floors? It works beautifully if you want the space to look quiet and want the hardwood flooring to be the highlight of the room. A matte finish is great if you want to minimize the appearance of scratches, do minimal maintenance, and enjoy the wood grain pattern. It’s ideal for minimalists who want a soft look.

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