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Hardwood Flooring Installation Redmond

Discover the endless variety of hardwood flooring, offering a plethora of wood types, textures, colors, and finishes to perfectly match your home’s decor.

Hardwood Flooring Installation in Redmond

Let’s go through some popular questions about hardwood flooring and installation. These will cover width, texture, color, cost, eco-friendliness and installation.

  1. Wide Plank vs Narrow Plank Hardwood
  2. Comparing Shades and Colors
  3. Textured, Distressed, and Basic Hardwood Planks
  4. Does hardwood flooring harm the environment?
  5. How much does hardwood flooring cost?
  6. How do you find someone to do hardwood flooring installation in Redmond?

Wide Plank vs Narrow Plank Hardwood 

Narrow planks cost a little less, and they’re great for making the space look bigger. If you’re looking for hardwood flooring installation in your Redmond home and the rooms there are relatively small, you might want to go with narrow planks and install minimal furniture. The effect will be an airy, spacious feel.

Wider planks cost more and they’re good for hiding seams and creating a rustic look. Narrow planks generally look a lot more urban. One downside of wider planks is that they can make large spaces look smaller.

Comparing Shades & Colors

Hardwood is available in warm, cool, light and dark shades. If you want exotic hardwoods, a lot more options become available (including red and purple). 

Which shade you choose would depend on your furniture, décor, and preferences. Darker varieties are suitable for people who are concerned about stains and dirt showing. If you’re worried about scratches (if you have pets, for example, or like to move your furniture around every couple months), lighter options might be better for you.

The color of hardwood gradually changes due to light exposure and age. Make sure you know how the product you choose will look a few years from now. Going with prefinished hardwood might be a good idea.

Textured, Distressed, & Basic Hardwood Planks

Textured hardwood flooring is something most people feel strongly about. They usually don’t want any texture, but some people enjoy it and go out of their way to get textured planks. We have examples of both distressed and smooth hardwood at our store. If you want to stop by sometime, we’ll take you through the pros and cons of each, and give you an estimate of how much hardwood flooring would cost based on your preferences.

Does Hardwood Flooring Harm The Environment?

Many people avoid hardwood flooring because trees are cut down to make them. Does that mean hardwood floors hurt the environment? Not quite. While the obvious downside of trees being cut does exist, consider the fact that solid hardwood floors are 100% natural and biodegradable (minus the finish).

The American Hardwood Export Council reports that American hardwood is growing at a much quicker rate than it’s being harvested – so it’s pretty sustainable. In addition, fast-growing trees like pine are a lot more sustainable than slower ones like oak.

There are more and less eco-friendly options, with exotic varieties having a much larger carbon footprint, but on the whole hardwood floors aren’t as bad as people think. 

How Much Does Hardwood Flooring Cost?

Standard hardwood flooring rates start at $3.50 per square foot, while higher quality hardwood is closer to $7 per square foot. Now, the hardwood flooring installation cost can be hourly, or a per-project amount. There’ll be some extras such as equipment costs, prep and cleanup fees, permits, taxes, contractor’s fees, etc. Usually, hardwood installers/suppliers will include material, installation, prep and cleanup in their quote.

On average, the total comes to 9-11k, and the floors will last a good long time. However, treat this as a ballpark figure. How much it costs in your case depends on the property’s size, the type of hardwood you choose, your timeframe, and many other factors. Call us for a quote!

How Do You Find Someone To Do Hardwood Flooring Installation In Redmond?

Finding the right company is an important first step. A bad company with an unprofessional attitude can make the process unpleasant, and charge you extra for it. You want someone who offers discounted rates and excellent products, is trustworthy, and has certified professionals for installation.

That’s us to a T! Builders Interiors was established in 2007, and it has rapidly grown into a trusted business that serves the neighboring areas of RedmondKirkland, Seattle, Snohomish and Bothell. Located in Woodinville, we’re conveniently close to all the cities listed above, with Redmond being just 13 minutes away.

We offer discounted rates and a quality guarantee, have a great reputation, and have a varied client base – homeowners, apartment managers, contractors, building owners, and commercial clients. We love the challenge of working with different people and getting to know their needs.

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