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Hardwood Flooring Installation Seattle

Discover the Benefits of Hardwood Flooring for Your Home or Condo

Are you considering hardwood flooring for your home or condo? You’re on the right track. Hardwood floors offer a lot of benefits, which is why we’re crazy about them here at Builders Interiors. We touched upon some of their benefits on our hardwood flooring products page, but here we’ll go into a little more detail. 


Hardwood Flooring Doesn’t Cost Much

A lot of visitors at our store ask for the price a tad apprehensively, like they’re fairly sure it’s out of their reach and are preparing themselves for disappointment. How would you react if you were in their place and found out that the cost starts at just $3.50 per square foot?

Admittedly, that’s the lowest end of the spectrum – it doesn’t offer the best durability or quality. However, it gives you an idea of what to expect. The starting range isn’t $50, and for most, it’s quite easily affordable.

Hardwood Flooring Is Easy To Clean 

Unlike carpet, which is a dirt and stain magnet, and concrete floors which are forever dusty, hardwood is pleasantly easy to clean. A quick mop will take care of grime, and if you live in a dusty area you may need to vacuum occasionally. If you’re sensitive to pollen and dust or if you’re germaphobic, wood floors are among your best options.

Wood isn’t particularly sensitive to cleaning agents, and the best thing is you don’t need expensive cleaning products in the first place – a moist rag is usually good enough.

Refinishing Hardwood Is Totally Possible

The cost of installing hardwood flooring is very reasonable, but obviously, you don’t want to replace the floor every time you get bored of it. The good news is that you can change the look of your hardwood without paying for a new floor again. All you need is a refinishing job.

Refinishing involves applying a different finish to the wood – effectively giving it a completely different appearance. Unlike tile, stone, and most other flooring materials, you aren’t stuck with the floor you chose years ago; you can give it a makeover whenever you want to!

Hardwood Flooring Installation Is Simple

The installation process for wood isn’t complicated or time-consuming. It isn’t expensive either. The process is very straightforward, and the floors, when installed properly by certified professionals, will last a superbly long time. Hardwood floors are actually worth more as they age, so if you want to sell your home a few years from now you’ll be glad you made this investment!

If you’re looking for someone to install hardwood flooring in Seattle, give Builders Interiors a call! We offer professional installation services with a Quality Guarantee and wonderful discounted rates.

Hardwood Looks Gorgeous!

Hardwood flooring goes well with any interior theme and design. It also adds glamor and sophistication to your home. Whether you like a modern, antique, or a classic look, hardwood will work beautifully with your home or condo. 

And it isn’t just the appearance – hardwood also feels, sounds and smells great. Unlike stone which feels hard (not to mention cold) and tile which feel synthetic, solid hardwood has a rich, natural feel to it.  

Builders Interiors offers hardwood flooring in Seattle. We are located in Woodinville, just a 25-minute drive from Seattle. We have hundreds of flooring products in stock, with some gorgeous samples just in which you’ll love. We pride ourselves on the impressive variety we have available at our store. From tile to hardwood to vinyl plank, we cover everything, and keep our shelves well-stocked so our customers have plenty of choices.

We offer discounted rates and have a great reputation in the area. We sell our products to homeowners, apartment managers, contractors, building owners, and commercial clients. Our philosophy is to build lasting business relationships and make our customers love us. The repeat business and volume that result are a lot more satisfying than one-time profits.

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