Milan Carpet

Italian tile romantically linked and artfully distressed to create the illusion of timeworn traditions. Milan speaks to the elegance of classic Italian architecture, “old world meets new”. A designers dream in 32 colors this pattern shows the authentic nature of it’s inspiration but delivers a fresh and trend forward dialogue.

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Amphitheatre, Architecture, Art Nouveau, Basilica, Branca Tower, Brera District, Corsico, Corso Como, Culture, Da Vinci, Design Fair, Duomo, Epiphany, Expo, Fashion Meca, Film Festival, Galleria Vittorio, Gallery, La Scala, Lake Como, Manzoni, Opera, Palazzo, Piazza, Pirelli Tower, Porta Vittoria, Prada, San Siro, Sforza Castle, Trattoria, Via Tornio, Vintage



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