Savanna Weave Carpet

“Savanna Weave” takes inspiration from the spirit of African designs. The Multi-tonal, textured yarns serve to create the visual effect of hand woven grasses. Featuring a nature motivated color palette inspired by the organic prairies of Africa. “Savanna Weave” truly addresses the Tribal trend in the market place today bringing harmony with the surrounding landscapes of your home.

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Acacia, Amazon, Bamboo, Baobab, Bermuda, Bogota, Buffel Grass, Cerrado, Chaparral, Clover, Congo, Forb, Grassland, Hemp, Herb, Jute, Lantana, Lemon Grass, Mesquite, Prairie Grass, Queensland, Rattan, Rhodes Grass, Sagebrush, Serengeti, Silk Road, Star Grass, Steppe, Timber, Tundra, White Sage, Woodlands



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