Visage Carpet

As the pattern market continues to become more sophisticated, the need for pattern with multiple colors has become a frequent request. This need is met with the introduction of Visage. Made with Stainmaster Luxerell BCF Nylon, we are able to achieve 3 color pattern effects that stimulate the design process. Twenty-Four unique colorations combine with a dense tip sheared construction to give you a new avenue of opportunity in the patterned market.

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Artisan Tan, Dark Chocolate, Fragile Beauty, Harmonic, Intrigue, Light Fog, Lost Atlantis, Merino, Mystic Deep, Peaceful Green, Pristine Beach, Reflection, Serenity, Silhouette, Soft Beige, Stardust, Sundew, Surreal, Tender Taupe, Warm Patina, Whisper, White Dove, Windrift, Wood Smoke



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