SmartStrand Ultra

Brilliant Influence Carpet

Available Colors 50
Construction Texture. Twisted yarns create a casual feel; our most popular style.
Pile Height .813 inches
Durability Excellent durability in all traffic levels.
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Toasted Almond, Wind Chill, Shadow Taupe, Mineral Brown, Silhouette, Urban Loft, Skylights, Birch Bark, Dried Peat, Steel Border, Blue Ribbon, Antique Ivory, Stepping Stone, Coastline, Oyster Shell, Raindrop, Nautical, Beach Powder, Wicker Basket, Cobble Path, Soft Smoke, Seaspray, Brookside, Masonry, Frosty Spice, Winter Leaf, River Reed, Oasis Green, Spanish Moss, White Wisp, Vellum, Brushed Suede, Safari Tan, Everglade, Botanical, Oak Panel, Mushroom Cap, Fallen Timber, Vineyard, Moonbeam, Weathered Wood, Whole Grain, Gingerbread, Thoroughbred, Bordeaux, Honeysuckle, Raffia, Pine Cone, Coffee Bean, Baked Apple



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