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Slab Countertop Installation Bothell

Builders Interiors is a slab countertop showroom near Bothell, and most people looking for slab here want to use it on their kitchen countertop. However, slab is such a wonderful material, and we think it doesn’t deserve to be limited to kitchens. Let’s go over some of the possible outdoor uses of slab. If you want to design a beautiful garden or lawn, these ideas might come in handy!

5 Popular Uses for Stone Slabs

The Patio

If you want a beautiful patio with cozy furniture and a warm feel, stone slabs are the right starting point. Concrete and tile floors feel a trifle utilitarian, but slab will give your patio a rich, classic feel. Granite and porcelain are great for outdoor use, and look beautiful on patios. We have both currently available at our countertop showroom. They weather the elements beautifully, last a long time, and are popular patio options.

Outdoor Benches

A stone bench out in the garden looks wonderful, and it’s convenient if you have a large open space. It’ll give your guests a place to sit while they enjoy the scenery. We charge a very reasonable cost for countertop installation and for slab installation in general, so just tell us your budget and what you want the end result to look like, and we’ll make it happen.


The sound of water is so pleasant. If you’re designing your garden, we’d strongly recommend adding a fountain somewhere. The bird calls and the water will work beautifully together to create a nice, relaxing atmosphere. Concrete fountains are convenient and popular, but stone fountains aren’t a bad choice either! Our designers have lots of experience in landscaping, and will create something you’ll love to look at.

Garden Pathways

Give your garden a delicate cottage-y look with a meandering pathway made of stone slabs. We have some affordable options that’ll take your garden décor to the next level without burning a hole in your pocket. In fact, we keep various other materials, so if you want flooring options for your greenhouse or your kid’s play area, get in touch! Builders Interiors isn’t just a countertop showroom – we’re your one-stop shop for all flooring and countertop materials.

Garden Highlight

If you want a highlight in the garden to break the monotony, try some slab! Whether it’s a porcelain-topped table with some all-weather chairs, a granite-edged fountain, or some other custom-made stone furniture for your garden, slab is the perfect material to add that special ingredient to the space. Whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom, living room or garden, slab will inject some life into it and have it looking fabulous.

Bothell Countertop Showroom

Visit our countertop showroom near Bothell, and our designers will give you some more wonderful ideas for using slab outdoors.

Builders Interiors is a trusted business based in Woodinville, established in 2007. We’re well-known and respected in the area, and if you want to pay us a visit, we’re just a 5-minute drive away. We keep high-quality products from some of the best manufacturers (and suppliers) in the country, and are therefore able to provide a quality guarantee on our products. We like to keep our customers happy, and we’re glad to say that we’ve been very successful in that effort.

We also provide exciting discounts – both on products and services. So if you need countertop installation services, message us for a quote today! Our certified, trained installation team will get the job done in an efficient and timely manner. We’re not picky about the size of your order, so feel free to contact us whether you’re a homeowner, apartment manager, contractor or building owner.

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