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Slab Countertop Installation Seattle

Stone slabs are gorgeous, durable, and they never go out of style. If you want to incorporate some stone into your home’s décor, you have a lot of options – both in materials and locations. Stone is used in many different areas of the home to achieve different effects. Let’s go over some of the most popular and attractive applications.

Slab Kitchen Countertops 

But of course! Whether it be Quartz, Marble or Granite, slab looks gorgeous in the kitchen. Stone countertops is considered the “Bling of the home” and will last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. We have numerous varieties available at our countertop showroom near Seattle, at super reasonable costs. Take a look at our quartz and granite, and you’ll fall in love.

Slab In The Bathroom

Whether it’s the bathroom countertop, bathtub deck, curb or shelf as a highlight, stone looks stunning. Natural stone is porous, but after sealing it becomes waterproof and can be used without a hitch in the bathroom. Light-colored varieties add light and airiness to the space, and look jaw-dropping. If you need a reliable team for bathroom countertop installation, get in touch with Builders Interiors!

Slab Outdoors

Slab makes a great statement for outdoor BBQ’s and also is durable and easy to clean.

Slab On The Fireplace

If you’re fortunate enough to have a wood or gas fireplace in the house, you should consider using stone around it. The effect is stunning! Marble, soapstone and travertine are all excellent for using around the fireplace. We have some beautiful travertine at our countertop showroom near Seattle – come have a look! Stone isn’t nearly as expensive as people think. You could have a beautiful marble fireplace for a very reasonable amount.

Slab As A Highlight

Stone slabs can be used on walls as a highlight. This usage isn’t very popular, but when done correctly the effect is marvelous. This is popular in bathrooms, and in the living room. Natural stone such as marble is cool to the touch, so you could also consider a marble-topped coffee table – they look simple and elegant, and will do wonders for your living room!

Slab Installation Pricing

Our countertop installation costs are very reasonable, starting at just $62 per square foot. This includes everything – the template, fabrication, and installation. We have a lot of different varieties that you can choose from based on your budget and preferences. We have quartz, porcelain and natural stone slabs at our countertop showroom. 

You can take a look at some of the varieties we have on our website, such as 

However, there’s no beating seeing slab in person. Pictures just don’t do stone justice. You want to touch the stone, see it from different angles, and generally spend some time deciding.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect material for your countertop, it’s time for installation. Make sure you hire a professional, because slab countertop installation can be a bit tricky, and should not be attempted without proper tools and experience. At Builders Interiors we have a certified team of installers that will get the job done in a professional manner.

Builders Interiors is a trusted business based in Woodinville (23 minutes away) that offers discounted rates and a quality guarantee on all products. We sell high-quality flooring and countertop materials to homeowners, apartment managers, contractors, building owners, and commercial clients. Let’s build your dream home!

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