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Tile Installation Woodinville

It feels nice when you get a discount. Whether it’s at the grocery store or the movies, it feels like a little gift. We know the feeling, so we offer discounted rates on all our products! If you’re looking for some top-quality tile flooring, come visit our tile store, Builders Interiors, at 13420 NE 177th Place, and we’ll make you an offer you can’t resist.

Affordable Prices for Woodinville Tile Installation

You’re probably wondering what the catch is. There has to be an asterisk hidden somewhere, with terms and conditions that nullify the discount. There isn’t, actually. There’s no catch, no T&Cs. So how can we offer a discount on all products?

Volume is the answer. Rather than having a large margin and discouraging smaller orders, we keep a slim margin and make up for it in volume. Due to this, we’re able to have a wide client base – homeowners, contractors, and builders.

Why Do We Offer Better Tile Installation Rates?

We offer great discounts on sales and tile installation – and you might be wondering why, especially if there isn’t a catch. In a nutshell, it’s because we can. Our good market standing and different philosophy combine to help us reduce costs, and in turn keep our rates lower. Want more details? Here you go:

We don’t want to be just another wholesaler

So we’re wholesalers, but that’s not all we are. The problem with most tile companies and wholesalers is that their rate for smaller orders is often rather high – as is their rate for services. We don’t like that. We see the homeowners’ point of view, and want to be fair. Discounts will generally be bigger if your order is large, but we certainly don’t jack up our rates for smaller orders.

We have great tile installation service pricing by Woodinville standards. This is because we want to be your go-to home renovation store, your dealer of choice. We want people to remember us and leave a glowing review, and charging high rates isn’t the way to achieve that.

A small percentage makes a huge difference

Many of our clients are builders and contractors, and we know that in a large-scale project like a shopping complex or apartment, even a small discount matters. We want to make our clients happy and help them stay within budget, so we gladly offer a discount when possible.

The way we see it, repeat orders, satisfied clients and a good reputation (all three of which, we’re proud to say, we have plenty of) are more beneficial than short-term profit.

Do The Discounted Prices Mean Our Tile Installation Services Cost More?

Nope! You’re probably aware that we aren’t just a tile contractor – we also do tile installation. You might think that’s where we make up for the discounted rates. You’d be pleasantly surprised to find that isn’t the case either. We really mean it when we say there’s no catch. 

Affordable Kitchen and Bathroom Tile for Renovation

The low cost of tile is great, because it makes renovation feasible financially. Many of our customers are homeowners looking for the perfect kitchen tile, or for something new for their bathroom. It can get boring having the same old colors and designs in your home.

Whether you’ve moved into a new place or want to give your old home a new look, tile’s the perfect option. It’ll change your home’s appearance entirely, for very little cost. If you’re in need of tiles or tile installation, give us a call at 425-488-7777 and our designers will take you through the process.

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