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Vinyl Plank Flooring Seattle

Vinyl plank flooring is interesting because it’s unique in how it feels and ages, but it can perfectly duplicate the look of stone, hardwood, concrete and other materials. But that’s not all – vinyl has a lot of positives to offer, and has few downsides.

6 Benefits of Vinyl Plank Flooring


Vinyl tile flooring is extremely durable, and will easily last a decade or two. With good care, it can last longer still. Usually, vinyl needs very little repair and replacement. This is good news, because it means you can just pick a product, have it installed, and forget about the floors. Vinyl isn’t prone to chips, cracks, tears or other damage. It’s stain resistant, and won’t fade unless used in an especially sunny area. We have some wonderful options available at our discount flooring store.


Luxury vinyl plank flooring has a ‘wear layer’ between the urethane finish and printed design, which makes the material scratch-proof. This layer is transparent and extremely durable, so even if your floor is scratched over time, the print won’t get scratched, and thus the scratches won’t show. Generally, the thicker the layer, the longer your floor will last. If you have pets at home, a thick wear layer is the way to go!


Vinyl plank flooring is very affordable, and the cost of vinyl plank installation is very reasonable as well – especially if you buy from our discount flooring store. Our rates for vinyl start at just $1.90 per square foot, but for high-quality, attractive floors the range would be somewhere between $4-7 per square foot. Our installation crew is excellent, and for a small amount you can have the floors installed and looking perfect!


Stone, hardwood, concrete – you can get whatever catches your fancy, and the textured options look so realistic you’ll never know the difference! Luxury vinyl tile, for instance, will perfectly imitate natural stone or ceramic, while providing a warmer, more comfortable surface. We have numerous options available at our vinyl plank flooring store – products that will elevate your home’s look without hurting your wallet.


Vinyl is easy to maintain, and doesn’t require much attention. It’s safe from stains, scratches, and other common problems. You don’t need fancy cleaning products to keep it clean, either – just some regular sweeping, and soap and water while mopping or spot-cleaning. If you’re looking for a store that sells easy-to-maintain vinyl plank flooring near Seattle, drive over to Builders Interiors!

Easy Installation

Vinyl plank flooring installation is simple and quick, and you can use the floor almost immediately afterwards. This is good news, because it means you won’t have to wait long to decorate your rooms and move in furniture. Moving into a new home is an exciting process, and waiting feels excruciating. Well, you won’t have that problem with vinyl! It can be installed over existing flooring, as long as it’s smooth and even (think tile or concrete).

Seattle Luxury Vinyl Tile Showroom

Builders Interiors is a trusted business established in 2007, located roughly 26 minutes from Seattle. We have a large warehouse with thousands of products in stock, and a friendly team that’d be happy to talk to you and answer any questions you may have. 

We buy products from high-quality providers, and so are able to offer a quality guarantee. In addition, we usually offer discounted rates on all orders – whether big or small – because we make up for it in volume, and that keeps both us and our customers happy.

We do vinyl plank flooring installation in Seattle. We have a certified, trained and insured crew who’ll go in at a time that works for you, and get the job done quickly and professionally. To take a look at some of our projects, follow us on social media!

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