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Vinyl Plank Flooring Snohomish

Thinking your home would look great with vinyl plank flooring? Chances are good it will! Vinyl plank flooring looks great, and has a lot of other benefits which make it an excellent choice for homes and commercial spaces alike. However, deciding whether it’s right for you is the hard part. To make the process a little easier, we’ve compiled this list of considerations to go over before installing luxury vinyl plank flooring.

What do Consider When Buying Vinyl Plank Flooring


It’s one of the biggest factors that influence buyers’ decisions. Our rates for vinyl plank flooring in Snohomish start at just $1.90 per square foot, and for great-quality, durable vinyl you’re looking at something between $4-7 per square foot. Vinyl plank installation cost is small – usually around $1-2 per square foot, but the final amount will depend on a couple factors. Call us for a quote!


The next thing people should consider is durability. Vinyl is fairly durable, and can take a good amount of wear and tear and still last 10-20 years with ease. The durability will be affected by the amount of wear and tear and by the quality of the material, but 10-20 years is the standard.


Vinyl plank flooring installation is simple. If you’re on a tight budget and need to do it on your own, it’s completely possible! Just make sure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Vinyl click flooring is especially liked for this very reason. It’s easy – almost fun – to install. You can install it over existing vinyl, but we don’t recommend installing over two or more layers of them. If you need professional vinyl flooring installation in Snohomish, call us at 425-488-7777. We’ll come over whenever you need us.


Vinyl plank flooring is also called ‘resilient flooring’, and that’s because it’s firm yet flexible – a quality which is unique to it. That makes it more comfortable than harder flooring materials such as concrete, slab, tile and hardwood. It’ll also be less cold in winter.


Vinyl comes in stain-resistant and scratch-proof options that are a breeze to clean, but even if your floor doesn’t have those features, it’s generally fairly low-maintenance. It doesn’t need special cleaning materials, and it doesn’t attract dirt. If you’re looking for commercial flooring, luxury vinyl tile is an excellent option. You can get it in stone designs that hide dirt and scratches while looking professional.


You can choose from sheet vinyl, planks, and vinyl tile flooring. Sheet vinyl is the cheapest of the three, but it has less durability. LVP and LVT are both long-lasting options that come with a wear layer, and cost a little more. Vinyl planks usually come with hardwood patterns and textures, while LVT mostly replicates stone.


Need something that can be used in most rooms of the house? Vinyl plank flooring is perfect! Kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, bedrooms, everywhere is okay. Just don’t use it outdoors, because the added wear and tear can reduce its lifespan.


What look do you want? Dark or light, stone or wood, textured or plain, monotone or patterned? It depends on your personal preferences, and your home’s existing décor. One thing is certain – luxury vinyl plank flooring is certainly not lacking in the design aspect. 

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