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Slab Countertop Installation Redmond

Builders Interiors is a trusted countertop installation company serving Redmond.

We have a large warehouse in the city with thousands of slabs in stock, including:

  • Quartz
  • Porcelain
  • Natural Stone – granite, marble, travertine, dolomite, soapstone.

They all have different properties, and if you want slab installed in your home, you need to know which material is right for you. 

White marble counter in kitchen

Types of Countertop Materials


The most popular slab in USA. Quartz cannot be used outdoors, because the sun’s UV light could fade its color. It’s great for kitchen and bathroom countertops, however. Quartz is hard, non-porous, crack-resistant, and stain resistant. The only real downside to quartz is that it cannot be used in sunny areas. So if your kitchen (or kitchen island) doesn’t get direct sunlight, go for it.


If you have porcelain tile in your home and like it, you’ll love porcelain slabs! They’re quite similar, except they’re in slab form so they look better on countertops and backsplash. Porcelain slabs are very stylish, and we have some beautiful options at our countertop showroom. The best thing about these slabs is that you can find them in pretty much every color and design imaginable. And since they’re man-made, if you especially like one design and want something similar for other areas of your home, that’s possible.


This dark natural stone looks gorgeous as a countertop material. Granite is a popular choice because it’s scratch-proof, low-maintenance and highly durable. If maintained well, a granite countertop will easily last a lifetime. Downsides? They need to be sealed every few years, since natural stone is porous. Plus, the seams in granite aren’t easy to hide. However, unlike quartz, granite has no problem with sunlight – so it’s perfect for sunny kitchens! If you have a bright kitchen with lots of wooden cabinets, granite will work beautifully. Another great thing about granite is that it can be used in outdoor kitchens.


Marble is often used in bathrooms and fireplaces. It’s cool to the touch, even in hot weather (unless it’s under direct sunlight), which makes it pleasant in summer but a little too cold in winter. If you have a room that stays warmer than the rest, marble would be perfect there! One thing to keep in mind is that marble is damaged by acids, so if you have a marble countertop you’ll need to be a little extra vigilant about clean-up. Seams in marble are generally easier to hide, so individual slabs aren’t as easy to spot. We have some stunning marble at our countertop showroom near Redmond. Come take a look!


Travertine is a dense stone, so it can absorb heat better. That means you probably don’t want to use it in a sunny place, or it’ll get pretty hot! This also means that it’ll be a little more comfortable to touch in winter. Travertine, while a popular countertop material, is also used in bathroom vanities, on walls, and in the bathroom. You could use it outside the fireplace too! Travertine looks gorgeous with a honed finish.


Another well-loved countertop material, dolomite is heat and pressure resistant. You can seal it to prevent it from staining, which’ll make clean-up a breeze. Dolomite is usually light-colored, so it’s great for adding light to the kitchen. If you need countertop installation in Redmond, just give us a call. We serve Redmond and surrounding areas, and during installation our team would be happy to tell you more about dolomite and slab countertop maintenance.


Soapstone is a very strong, durable stone, so you can use it in fireplace surrounds, in an outdoor kitchen, and in many other uses where others fail. Soapstone is a little softer than the other materials on this list so it could develop scratches, but if you go with a honed finish they’ll be a lot less visible. Soapstone countertops will need to be sealed as well.

Countertop Installation Company near Redmond

So, which do you think would be right for you? We wouldn’t worry about the appearance, because all slabs look gorgeous, especially once they’re installed. Just decide which variety has the right properties, and our designers will help you pick a slab that goes with your current décor.

Worried about the cost of slab countertop installation? Slab is expensive compared to other materials, but at Builders Interiors we offer discounted rates on many of our products. We think everyone deserves to have a beautiful home, and we make up for the discounts through bulk orders. Our rates are super reasonable – both for materials and services, and we provide a quality guarantee on everything we sell.

Visit our countertop showroom sometime! We’d love to show you around and help you find the perfect countertop material. We’re located in Woodinville, which is just 13 minutes from Redmond.

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