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Snohomish Flooring Store

If you’re building your dream home or just renovating your house, and need the perfect flooring material, Builders Interiors has got you covered! Located just 19 minutes from Snohomish, our discount flooring warehouse has an enormous selection of products at very reasonable rates. Let’s go over some of the materials we have at the store.

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Flooring Materials We Offer

  • Tile – Porcelain, ceramic, glass or mosaic, we have all the popular options at our Snohomish flooring store. Why should you choose tile? Well, it’s affordable, durable, fade-proof, attractive, easy to install, available in many different colors…and we’re barely halfway down the list! Tile has many benefits, which explains its popularity. If you want some tile for your home or need someone to install them, give us a shout!
  • Hardwood – One of the most stylish options, hardwood is ideal for bedrooms. You can choose from domestic and exotic, solid and composite, dark and light, textured and non-textured… In fact, if you’re tired of boring brown floors, you can even find something in purple, red or gray! For that luxurious hardwood feel and a delightful pop of color, get hardwood floors. They’re a little pricey, but worth every penny. And guess what? Hardwood’s fairly eco-friendly too!
  • Carpet – The most affordable and cozy option. Carpet flooring is perfect for living rooms, bedrooms and stairs, and as long as you pick the right option you shouldn’t have any trouble with maintenance. At our Snohomish flooring store we have carpet in many different materials, textures and colors. If you own a pet or have other particular needs (say, mildew resistance or color retention), you’ll definitely find something you like in our diverse selection. For more information, visit our carpet buying guide.
  • Vinyl plank – Vinyl is a plastic product which feels cozy and has mild noise-reducing properties. If you’re confused between vinyl and laminate, the difference is simple – the former’s plastic, the latter’s wood. Vinyl is better for moist areas, since it isn’t made of wood. If you have hardwood in your home and want to extend the theme into the bathroom, vinyl’s your go-to product. We have two types of vinyl flooring available at our warehouse, with prices starting at $1.90 per sq. ft.
  • Laminate – Super durable, scratch-resistant, beautiful-looking and made of wood, laminate will inject oodles of style into your home. It isn’t too expensive either – at our discount flooring store in Snohomish the prices for laminate start at just $1.50 per sq. ft! If you’re preparing your home for sale, laminate will increase the property’s value substantially. It feels and looks just like hardwood, so it makes sense. If you have special requirements such as moisture resistance, just mention them while you’re here and we’ll show you an appropriate product.

However, these aren’t all! If you need wall or ceiling tiles, slab countertops, pebbles for the driveway or other items, we’ve got those as well. We’re mostly a flooring store, but we keep other items customers need, to make things a little more convenient for them.

Slab countertops are in high demand, because they add so much to a space. They’re a little pricey, but not a whole lot more than other options. And while wood and tile countertops need lots of maintenance, stone is wonderfully maintenance-free and lasts forever. Once the countertop is installed and sealed, all you need to do is wipe it clean daily. If you want to add a generous serving of style to your kitchen (or bathroom), come over and we’ll show you some options you’ll love.

Builders Interiors is a trusted business based in Woodinville. We have trained and qualified staff, a quality guarantee on all products, and unbelievable rates. Whether you want installation services or flooring materials (or both), we’re here and ready to help. The company sells to homeowners, apartment managers, contractors, building owners, and commercial clients. Call us for more details.

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